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This campaign takes place in the Shadowrun universe around the year 2200. At this point spaceships are common, but not accessible to everyone (think more the cost and skill of an airplane rather than a car).


  • Seattle
  • Luna Gate Station
  • Mars Gate Station
  • Jupiter Gate Station

FTL Gates

FTL travel is possible in this setting, but restricted to specially equipped transport carriers traveling by FTL gates. The technology necessary for traveling using the FTL gates is a closely guarded secret of the megacorp that owns the gates. There are operational gates that connect Luna with Mars and Mars with Jupiter. There is another set of gates in construction to connect Jupiter with Saturn.


Questions to Answer

  • Extended lifespans/transhumanism?
  • What megacorps have come and gone?
  • What is the general attitude toward shadowrunning? Is it more accepted/mainstream now? More regulated? Are there any shadowruner corps?
  • Does the player character’s shadowrun group have a name? What is it?

Main Page

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